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Who we are?

Friendly chauffeurs service based in San Francisco Bay Area since 2014.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to give our clients the ultimate, hassle-free, specially designed experience. We treat every booking separately, and hence our teams work together to plan every detail of our client’s journey with us.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to take the standards of high-end rides and trips worldwide to a new level of professionalism, dedication, and delights.

Our Services

Our services vary from corporate transfers like events, roadshows, and employee transportation plans to individuals transfers and tours like airports pick up and drop off, private chauffeuring, wine & city tours, date nights, and last but not least, special occasions like weddings, proms, and sports transportation.
We take responsibility for every detail during your trip, from the basic ones like our punctual arrival, parking the vehicle, your destination, and route planning to the more complicated ones like flight monitoring, reservations, and vehicle decorations.

Why BNG?


All BNG’s vehicles are equipped with advanced fleet tracking software to helps us track, monitor, and improve ETA, driving habits, vehicle scheduled maintenance, and fleet performance over time. We know our Chauffeurs through background checks, periodic drug tests, following, and training.

Always Available

Call us anytime, and you will have our Chauffeur and Limo at your Location. We take the shortest possible time to reach you. Our experienced drivers are knowledgeable about the most convenient routes. They are also trained to be able to deal with every condition.


We always choose the best for you: An exquisite fleet, world-class chauffeurs, and high-end technologies. We make sure that our services are adequate for every need. BNG services are designed to serve complicated corporate schedules, special occasions & events, and family special requirements.


We use our technology to make the process easier and to protect you.

✅Instant Booking ✅Instant Free Quote
✅ Data Protection, security, and Privacy

We use Verizon connect to track, monitor, and improve our

✅Vehicules during rides ✅ Vehicle scheduled maintenance
✅Chauffeur’s driving habits ✅fleet’s performance over
✅ ETAs

Dedicated 24/7 Team

With BNG, you are in good hands. We are an extremely dedicated team that loves to serve you. You will always be met with a welcoming smile and an understanding attitude.
Never doubt to Chat With Us through this website or to Call Us as we always love to serve you as well as we can.

Screening and Training

We never stop learning nor making a better version of ourselves. That’s why at BNG, we teach and check our teams all the time:

✅ Easy reservation process
✅ Our chauffeurs are simply experts
✅ We are your shortest and most convenient ride
✅ Your privacy is so important to us
✅ All your details are secure from a third party