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Night in san francisco

Your Splendid Night-Out Starts with BNG

San Francisco offers first-class restaurants. With BNG, we guarantee you will spend an impeccable date night, anniversary, or night-out at one of the best restaurants worldwide. Just book your preferred vehicle, choose the restaurant and let the rest to BNG because we figured it all out:

✅ Customized service for every trip
✅ Our drivers have a perfect knowledge of the region
✅ Good knowledge of the available restaurants
✅ All your details are secured from a third party
✅ Our chauffeurs are simply experts

Atelier Crenn

Three Michelin Stars Restaurant

This is one of San Francisco’s most welcoming and warm restaurants. Pamper all your senses with the deliciousness of their food, the elegance of their interior, and the influence of their community. Nobody can resist their french cuisine mouthwatering desserts nor the artistry of their cuisine.


Three Michelin Stars Restaurant

Rated among the best 50 restaurants worldwide and one of the most welcoming fine dining places in the Bay. They use western techniques and local products to create high-rated Korean culinary artworks. With their minimalist mood and the perfect wine pairing, you will live an exquisite experience.


Three Michelin Stars Restaurant

Quince is a California-Italian restaurant and they serve contemporary cuisine with Italian influences. Do you think anything can beat this mind-blowing mix? Stepping into this restaurant, you will instantly feel the allure of the Italian-inspired interior.


Two Michelin Stars Restaurant

Do you need to feel the authentic luxurious side of San Francisco? Well, try Acquerello. For more than 30 years, they have been serving impeccable contemporary Italian cuisine with an elegant touch. They received countless awards other than the TWO Michelin Stars.