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Special events


Make your arrival at your wedding as majestic as you both are.
Be calm because BNG knows that your wedding is the happiest and the most special day of your life and we will make your day as perfect as we can.
Choose one of the most astonishing limos in town and the most professional chauffeur to be at your service on your wedding day.


Be the one to glow
Do you want to be different and bold on your Prom Night? Choose a limo! Book your BNG limo for an entire day and night and feel like a member of the royal family on this special day that will not be repeated.


It doesn’t matter who cheer for, BNG will get you to the match in style.

Your number doesn’t matter either! BNG limos can provide you with the number of Buses or limos you need. Make your opponents know how powerful you are and arrive in an upscale stylish vehicle.
The weather conditions and the traffic don’t matter anymore because our skilled chauffeurs will drop you off at the location in time.